Expert Medico-Legal Reports

Expert Medico-Legal Reports

Case Management Services provide independent and impartial expert witness and treatment reports on a variety of clients: those with serious injuries including head injury, spinal cord injury, amputations, serious orthopaedic injuries and complex care needs. We provide medico-legal reports for both adult and paediatric clients. All our experts are experienced clinicians in their fields, and have the backing of the multi-disciplinary CMS team.

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Our medico-legal reports are written to the highest professional standard and are always impartial

We can report on a variety of clients with serious injuries including brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputations, orthopaedic injuries and complex care needs

We accept instruction from throughout the UK

We provide reports at the request of both claimants’ and defenders’ representatives as
well as on a single joint expert basis

All our expert reporters are active clinicians within their respective fields

All our staff CV’s are available to view on our website

Extensive Medico-Legal Reports

Reports we can provide include:


Neuropsychology assessment is appropriate where there is actual or suspected brain injury resulting in changes in cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology assessment is appropriate where there are emotional consequences of injuries e.g. anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and adjustment disorder.

Future Needs

Set out, in sufficient detail for litigation purposes, a broad range of future needs including rehabilitation, care, case management, equipment/adaptations, and extra living expenses.

Past Care Letter

Provides an outline of the past care and support which would have been reasonably necessary, and describes (from precognitions and/or from information gained at interview) the broad picture of what family and others say they did by way of care & support.

Immediate Needs Assessment (INA)

INA’s are instructed under the Rehabilitation Code and are generally requested early post injury. They are intended to identify a series of short to mid-term recommendations to facilitate the early stages of recovery and rehabilitation. This may include the provision of case management, care, specialist equipment, treatment and housing.

Case Management

These set out, for litigation purposes, the long term predicted case management needs of the injured party, including rehabilitatin and therapy.

Equipment Report

These set out the main items of equipment that may be required by the injured party together with any occupational therapy needs. These may be requested at the early stages of rehabilitation to apply for appropriate funding/interim payments.

Referral Process & Requirements

An individual, carer or family member can make a self-referral.

Insurers or Personal Injury Solicitors may also refer individuals. This can be advantageous for both sides in personal injury litigation.

GPs, hospital doctors and other health professionals may initiate referrals. NHS referrals must be made on an Extra Contractual Referral (ECR) basis.

Contact details for the client and significant other, e.g. spouse, parent or other party involved in helping the client.

Clear, detailed letter of instruction

Scheduled court dates and related time frames

GP and hospital records

Treatment reports

Expert medico-legal reports

Witness Statements

Make a Referral

A client or a family member can make a self-referral.